About Me

I was born in Matanzas City, Cuba, on may 31st, 1970, coming from a peasant family, I lived the first six years of my life in the countryside, this is the reason for my love of nature and all what it contains, which is frequently expressed in my artworks.

Since very young, graphic expressions caught my attention, using simple elements to create and enrich the base of my future works, expanding out during the following years of education. In 1982 l obtained a scholarship to study at Matanzas School of Art, starting my first steps as an artist, after three years, and completing the first level of art education, I applied and obtained a scholarship to study at The National School of Fine Arts (ENA), in Havana City, completing in this school another four years of artistic education, and so, ending my career and graduated in the summer of 1989, as a professional artist and fine arts professor.

Halfway through this year, I started to work as a fine arts professor for the Artistic Association XX Anniversary, located in the Province of Matanzas, for a period of two years. Afterwards I started to work as a drawing professor for the same school, in which I discovered for the first time, the fine arts world (Matanzas School of Arts). For two years I passed on the knowledge I had acquired in the past to the new group of students, up to the beginnings of 1994 when I decided to become independent, denomination given in Cuba to those artists who were not working as an employee of any government institution, but legally registered within it.

In the middle of this year, during a decorative project that was carried out in cooperation with other artists fellows, it was decided by us to keep working together in the future as a group, that is how the Independent Artists Group called “Grupo Lam” was born; title taken from the studio’s name where the group originally used to work and the name of the worldwide known Cuban artist Wilfredo Lam, but at the end of the same year Grupo Lam, with six members, became an official institution. The idea of working together brought me new experiences from the professional and human point of view.
 Since 1997, after a reorganization of Grupo Lam, now with three members, a new period started in the artist life, because of the international spreading of more ambitious projects, bringing his artworks first to North America (Canada) and then to Europe, avoiding in this way, the circle of censure and mental imprisonment, from which was target lately, caused by the sociopolitical content, that his artworks showed every time more emphasized; even only been a detailed representation of the environment around, my work was the shooting weapon against me; but this time of persecuted creator by a dictatorial regime did not last long, ended with my migration to the United States of America in January, 1999.

This new and different situation put a deep mark in my life and work, changing the direction of my sharp artistic creation, after all, up to now several projects have been materialized, among them, one of the most important, the foundation in 2003 of Fine Art Deco, Inc. (An Artistic Decoration Company), developed in South Florida, USA. That is to say, that my work continues going on through the rough path of life.