“Concejo Del Angel”

“The angel’s advice”
Oil on canvas
47-1/4 in. x 35-1/2 in. / 120 cm x 90 cm
Private collection (Miami, USA)

The year 1993 was rolling by when one of the most trascendental events in Cuba’s Communist Regime history took place: the depenalization of the U.S. dollar as the only mean for the Cuban economy to last. Due to this new law, as well as the economic adjustment, this new money became powerful; from the time the Cuban peso started its devaluation process, the goods acquisition could only be obtained through the dollar. The value of the Cuban peso vs. the U.S. dollar became extremely low, prompting, two years from the depenalization, new Cuban laws trying to balance the value of the peso to the dollar. From this premise germs my idea to paint a work reflecting the absurd idea of the Cuban government intent of giving parity to the peso, with it’s poor economic backing, to the powerful U.S. dollar, as basis of the anemic Cuban ecomomy. The artist takes, as his formal model, the biblical theme “The sacrifice of Abraham”, using it as a symbol relating to the events represented in this work (a cuban coin trying to annihilate the U.S. dollar through violence, as its only option), using imported methods (the knife is of Soviet or Russian origen); the angel with a camel face was the conciliator or mediator in this scene, advising the route to undertake and the solution to the act. This work was finished during the year 1995 and the Cuban censorship took measures to prevent the artwork from being exhibited in Cuba; it was taken down from the galleries walls every time it was intended to be shown. Finally we were able to bring it out of Cuba and exhibited it in Toronto, Canada, three years after, with the work almost lost, it was brought back to the United States and was bought by private Cuban art collectors from Miami.


Note: The poor quality and resolution of this image is due to the lack of a good photographic devices in the country (Cuba) that these artworks was made. Some of these paintings were sold with no graphic testimony. I apologize about that.