“El Que A Buen Arbol Se Arrima…”

“The apple never falls…”
Oil on canvas
35-1/2 in. x 47-1/4 in. / 90 cm x 120 cm
Private collection (Deurne, The Netherlands)

This painting, as well as “The Angel’s Advice” was conceived within an economic-social context, during a noted historical important epoch for the Cuban people. It was the first time under the present regime that they encountered a capitalistic type economic system, without mentally preparing themselves for this condition, the dollar as the center of life, was the only way to obtain goods for survival; other non essential products, once thought unobtainable, could also be bought with the dollar. In this way, this monetary phantom became the monster that eventually would digest many of the customs and social ways of life ingrained up to then in the Cuban society. The idea for this painting came from this context; a giant domineering dollar invading a moribund and dry landscape, beaten by the ravages of time under the actual Cuban regime. Not all remains dry and lifeless, because the shadow given by this huge mass brings back greenery to the landscape and new life, symbol of survivorship and well being, to the individuals with access to this shadow. The title for this work comes from the old Spanish proverb “El que a buen árbol se arrima, buena sombra le cobija”. (He who gets close to a good tree will be protected by it’s shadow).


Note: The poor quality and resolution of this image is due to the lack of a good photographic devices in the country (Cuba) that these artworks was made. Some of these paintings were sold with no graphic testimony. I apologize about that.